This page contains links to current corporate policies for the products and services available through SPUMS. To view any of the documents presented on this page, click on the policy.

Please note that these terms are non-negotiable and if you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies please contact us at


Policy Last updated Version
SPUMS Purposes and Rules May 2021 V.10
SPUMS Terms and Conditions (Institutions) 03/12/2021 V.5
SPUMS Terms and Conditions  03/12/2021 V.6
SPUMS Environmental Policy #1 24/03/2020 V.1
SPUMS ASM Refund Policy  24/03/2020 V.1
SPUMS Refund Policy 08/09/2016 V.1
SPUMS Privacy Policy 07/09/2016 V.1