The DAN AP Diving Emergency Service (DES) Hotline

Toll Free 1800 088 200 (within Australia)

User Pays +61-8-8212 9242 (outside Australia)

DAN currently funds the Diving Emergency Service (DES) Hotline.

The DES is a 24-hour diving emergency hotline run on a volunteer basis. Located at the Hyperbaric Unit at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Adelaide, South Australia. It is available to all divers throughout the world. The DES doctors provide this service on a voluntary basis and DAN Asia-Pacific funds the toll free phone number.

How a call to the Diving Emergency Service (DES) in Australia is handled.

The DES is not part of DAN; it is an independent entity. However, DAN utilises the services of the DES doctors and funds the operation of the DES phone.

A call to the DES first comes into the control room of the ambulance service in South Australia. It is answered by a qualified ambulance officer who takes relevant details and passes the call through to the on-call DES doctor. The caller is normally able to speak directly with a hyperbaric doctor within 2 to 5 minutes of calling. The DES currently handles some 500 calls per year, from all over the world.

Calls to DES from within Australia are toll free (call 1800 088 200).  However, calls from outside Australia (+61-8-8212 9242) are user pays.


The DAN Diving Emergency Service (DES) Australia Hotline        1800-088 200 

(funded by DAN)                                                                    (toll free within Australia – English Only) 

                                                                                                                        +61-8-8212 9242

                                                                                                                      (from outside Australia – English Only)

DAN America                                                                        +1-919-684 9111 (collect)

DAN Europe                                                                          +39-06-4211 8685

 DAN Japan                                                                           +81-3-3812-4999

DAN Southern Africa                                                              0800 020 111 (internal)

                                                                                           +27-10-209 8112


Other Dive Medical & Dive Emergency Numbers: (Not funded/managed by DAN)


DES New Zealand                                                                  0800-4DES 111 

                                                                                           (within New Zealand – English Only)

Korean Hotline                                                                        055-549 0912 (within Korea - Korean Language


If you have a Diver Emergency, please use one of the contact numbers below.

Australia toll free from within Australia:

1800 088 200

Australia from overseas (user pays):

+61 8 8212 9242

New Zealand from within New Zealand:

0800-4DES 111

New Zealand from overseas:

+64 9 445 8454


In most diving emergencies divers should use these numbers in the first instance. One possible exception is where the caller is dealing with situation that is immediately life threatening, for example, where CPR or EAR is being performed on an injured diver. In this setting it is probably better to call the local emergency (ambulance) services direct (dial 000) to get help as soon as possible.