These courses are open to people with no prior medical training.

Royal Adelaide Hospital Diver Medical Technicians' Full Course 2017

Dates Refresher course: TBC 2018

Medical Officer course 

Basic: TBC

Advanced: TBC

Venue: Hyperbaric Medicine Unit, Royal Adelaide Hospital, North Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000, Australia

Description: The Diver Medical Technician (DMT) Course of the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) is recognised by the Association of Offshore Diving Contractors (AODC) and the Victorian Department of Energy and Minerals for the purposes of offshore diving support.

The aims of the RAH DMT program are to train candidates to be able to recognise problems arising from diving (and related activities), to initiate appropriate care and to be able to communicate their findings to the relevant health services. The emphasis at the RAH is on clinical skills, and practical training in this regard occurs throughout the three weeks of the Course. The RAH is a 1,000-bed hospital responsible for 80% of all the trauma admissions in South Australia and, hence, is well suited to the purpose. The DMT program is divided into 3 units: occupational first-aid; the theory of diving medicine; and the practice of offshore medical support.

Entry to the course is available to, and appropriate for, any interested commercial, military or recreational diver who wishes to learn more about the medical problems of diving and to acquire paramedical skills. Certification as a DMT is a legislated requirement for medical support of diving teams in many countries. The recognition of the RAH by the AODC is relevant in this context. DMT certificates have a tenure of three years, after which retraining is required. This is provided at the RAH in the form of a one week refresher course.

Costs: AUD3,550 for full course, this includes all divers, AFP and SAPOL Water response unit. AUD3,000 for refresher course.

Medical Officer Course one per year

Cost:  AUD 2,500.00 - Part 1 AUD 1,250, Part 2 AUD 1,250 (Accommodation at a reasonable price is available.)

Contact for information: Lorna Mirabelli, Senior Administrative Assistant

Phone: +61-(0)8-8222-5116

Fax: +61-(0)8-8232-4207


ADAS Diver Medic Technician Course 2017, The Underwater Centre, Tasmania

Next Dates: 18 September 2017 and 11 November 2017

Venue: The Underwater Centre, Inspection Head Wharf, PO Box 342, Beauty Point, Tasmania 7270

Description: The Underwater Centres ADAS Diver Medic Technician Course (DMT) is specifically designed to give you relevant, practical medical experience and knowledge, giving you the confidence to deal with medical emergencies in an offshore environment. The course is IMCA recognized and is comparable to the IMCA Diver Medic Course, so will provide you with additional skills to make you more employable in the subsea industry.

The course incorporates hands-on skills training with our decompression chamber. This, along with a combination of practical and classroom based training including realistic casualty scenarios, means you will complete your training in the same situation that you will ultimately be working in, giving you experience that will benefit you and your colleagues in an emergency.

Including lectures given by diver medical practitioners with more than 30 years of experience treating divers, and guidance from instructors with years of diving experience, you can be confident that the training you receive with us is at the forefront of the subsea industry. Dr David Smart, who has decades of knowledge and experience in diving medicine, delivers a series of lectures throughout the course.

We also offer an ADAS Diver Medic Refresher course, for those who need to update their skills.

Costs: ADAS Diver Medic Technician (two weeks) AUD3,090, ADAS DMT Refresher (one week) AUD1,545 

Contact The Underwater Centres Student Advisors for more information:

+61 3 6383 4844

Fax: +61 3 6383 4850