These are resources regarding SPUMS position on return to diving post COVID.


These are guidelines only and not enforceable.

Resource Version Format

The Diving Medical Advisory Committee

DMAC 33 Rev. 02 Dec 2021 PDF

Diving after SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) infection: Fitness to dive assessment and medical guidance

30 Sept 2020 PDF

SPUMS Diving post COVID flowchart

Adapted from DMAC 33 Rev. 02 Dec 2021 PDF

DIVER POST COVID REVIEW QUESTIONNAIRE. Triage for returning to diving

Feb 2022 PDF

Diving Medical Fitness Post COVID Certification

ASNZS 2299, and with reference to SPUMS Recreational Diving Medical Guidelines 2020 and the DMAC33 Rev 3 Guideline PDF