The Australian and New Zealand Hyperbaric Medicine Group

Introductory Course in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine

Date: TBC 2018

Venue: The Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick, Sydney

The course content includes:

  • History of Diving Medicine and Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment
  • Physics and physiology of Diving and Compressed gases
  • Presentation, diagnosis and management of diving injuries
  • Assessment of fitness to dive
  • Accepted indications for hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment
  • Wound management and transcutaneous oximetry
  • In water rescue and simulated management of a seriously ill diver
  • Visit to HMAS Penguin
  • Practical workshops
  • Marine Envenomation

Approved as a CPD learning project by ANZCA: (knowledge and skills category), 56 hours for attendance at lectures and presentations for one credit per hour, 24 hours for workshops/PBLDs/small group discussions for two credits per hour.

Course Conveners: Associate Professor David Smart, Dr John Orton, Cost: AUD TBC (inclusive of GST)

Contact for information:

Ms Gabrielle Janik, Course Administrator

Phone: +61-(0)2-9382-3880



Fiona Stanley Hospital, Recreational Diving Medical Course

This activity has been approved for RACGP 40 Category 1 points

Successful completion of this course will enable General Practitioners to be competent to examine potential scuba divers as to their fitness to dive (Australian Standard 4005.1)

The course dates are to be confirmed.

Expressions of interest can be sent to:

Royal Adelaide Hospital Medical Officers’ Course in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine 2017

Dates: 28 August – 08 September 2017

Venue: The Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide

AUD$2,500.00 (inclusive of GST)

Course Conveners: Dr David Wilkinson, Dr Suzy Szekely

Invited faculty includes: Professor Michael Bennett, Professor Simon Mitchell

The course content includes:

  • Physics and physiology of diving
  • Recreational fitness-to-dive
  • Occupational fitness-to-dive
  • Decompression Illness and non-dysbaric injuries
  • Medical management and return to diving
  • Technical and Professional diving
  • Marine Envenomation
  • Introduction to Hyperbaric Medicine
Contact for information:
Ms Lorna Mirabelli, Course Administrator
Phone: +61-(0)8-8222-5116
Fax: +61-(0)8-8232-4207

Royal Australian Navy Medical Officers’ Underwater Medicine Course 2017

Dates: TBC 2017

Venue: HMAS PenguinSydney

The MOUM course seeks to provide the medical practitioner with an understanding of the range of potential medical problems faced by divers.  Considerable emphasis is placed on the contra­indications to diving and the diving medical, together with the pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of the more common diving­ related illnesses. The course includes scenario­ based simulation focusing on management of diving emergencies and workshops covering the key components of the diving medical.

Faculty includes: Professor Simon Mitchell, Professor Michael Bennett, Clinical Professor David Smart

Cost: AUD 1,355 (approx) without accommodation (AUD 2,300 approx with accommodation and meals at HMAS Penguin)

For information and application forms contact:
Rajeev Karekar, for Officer in Charge,
Submarine and Underwater Medicine Unit
HMAS Penguin
Middle Head Rd, Mosman
NSW 2088, Australia
Phone: +61 ­(0)2-­9647-5572
Fax: +61 ­(0)2­-9960-4435

Medical Support of Occupational and Saturation Diving Course Tasmania

Dates: 08 - 14 April 2018

Venue: Tamar Valley Resort, The Underwater Centre Tasmania and Lake Cethana Saturation Diving Complex, Tasmania Australia

Cost: AUD$3,300.00 (inclusive of GST)

Course Conveners: Clinical Professor David Smart

Download a brochure with all the information below.


The course will cover the following areas of  occupational diving and diving medicine:

  • Equipment and Procedures in Commercial Diving
  • Organisation of Medical Support/ Aeromedical Evacuation of Divers
  • Work Health and Safety Problems in Commercial divers
  • Decompression theory, tables and Treatment including Saturation DCI treatment
  • Health Assessment/Monitoring and Fitness to Dive Occupational Divers
  • Fitness to return to diving after accidents and illness
  • DMAC 15 Diving Medical Kit and equipment to support offshore diving
  • Australian and International Standards for Professional Diving
  • Tunneling and Caisson Work
  • Thermal issues in Deep and Saturation Diving
  • Nitrox diving in the Occupational Setting
  • Emergency Procedures in Saturation, bell emergencies and retrieval of the injured diver
  • Health Hazards, Medical and Surgical Emergencies in Saturation
  • Submarine Escape Training
  • Risk Mitigation in Occupational Bounce and Yo-yo Diving


Expressions of interest and registration:

Please forward any expressions of interest to Clinical Professor David Smart, Convener. iN2Deep Medical Consulting 


Telephone Mob: +61 (0) 437 221422