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Special announcements

The SPUMS executive committee is pleased to announce that it was able to pass the Special Motion to introduce the new Purposes and Rules document dated September 2014. In all, 152 votes or proxies were received and for this we are eternally grateful. Please log in as a member. Follow this link for a copy of the minutes.



Journal information

Editor: Associate Professor F Michael Davis

E-mail: Michael Davis, Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine

Visit our website:  <www.dhmjournal.com>


Current journal issues (less than 2 years old) are available to members ONLY, online in PDF format. 

Older issues can be accessed free of charge at the Rubicon Foundation website: RUBICON FOUNDATION


IMPORTANT: As from the 01 January 2015 all submissions will only be accepted electronically. Authors, we ask that you visit the http://www.manuscriptmanager.com website and view video 5 before submission, this is a two minute video with instructions on submitting to the Journal. Then submit your manuscripts via the following link www.manuscriptmanager.com/dhm


For further information please visit the Journal website, alternatively we have provided a series of documents below for authors to consider before submitting to Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine.

DHM Instructions to authors January 2015

Key word list 2015

Cover letter for submission to DHM 

Declaration of Helsinki

Guidelines to authorship in DHM

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